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Early warning of an imminent fire condition by employing a High Sensitivity Smoke Detection system (HSSD) may provide sufficient early warning that prompt investigation, action and control can be implemented prior to serious damage.

HSSD systems are an early warning of an incipient fire condition and therefore a precursor to and of higher sensitivity than a conventional smoke detector, therefore NOT required at that stage of sensitivity to be linked to the main building fire alarm system.

HSSD product names are VESDA / STRATOS AIRSENSE, which is equipment that we recommend.

Why Use HSSD?

Early action may avoid the general fire alarm in a building activating – how much time and cost is lost through persons standing out on the street whilst the fire alarm is investigated and persons allowed to re-enter the building to continue their work?

It can avoid possible shutdown of air con controlling the Server Room with possible overheat and loss of Server function.

Avoids probable escalation to a gas release

In the event of a gas suppression system release, the cost of an HSSD system would be less than the recharge costs of any gas suppression system – no better payback than that!

Gemini offer bespoke designs to accommodate the requirements of different types of air conditioning units air flows, be it downflow or upflow floor standing, top or lower face return air wall hung air conditioning units. The air conditioning unit’s airflow pattern substantially affects ceiling mounted room conventional smoke detectors that may be sited in a clean air space whilst the room fills with smoke!

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