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Total flood fixed Gas Suppression Systems utilising IG55 Inert Gas Proinert ( Fike ) Argonite ( Ginge Kerr Kidde ) Inergen ( Tyco ) or of the chemical gasses, FM200, FE25 ( Fike ) Novec 1230 ( Kidde ) all require dedicated gas extract systems to ventilate the released gas from the protected space to outside.

As the extract requirement has evolved since the chemical gas Halon days, British Standards have retained that requirement for all fixed gas suppression systems and in the case of the chemical gasses, this remains an established requirement.

However, as the extract was a requirement to remove possible toxic products of decomposed chemical gas, there is a widespread understanding with Building Control organisations and indeed various London Building Control Officers, that Inert Gasses do not decompose to any toxic products and in most cases using inert gas, the requirement to provide a dedicated extract is avoided and approvals gained in that respect.

Inert gasses must have gravity flap unit over pressure relief units. That is not an item associated with the extract issues.

In many cases on building refurbishment and fitout contracts, there is a mechanical services contractor who is involved with ventilation issues and is therefore best placed to provide such dedicated extract systems, however, careful coordination is required with that contractor and Gemini Fire to meet the requirements of such extract encompassing such concerns as fan location, damper isolation location, damper actuation, point of extract.

Gemini can advise on all of these matters. Just call us on 0845 872 5999

In the case of their not being such facility of a general ventilation contractor on board within the contract, then Gemini Fire are well versed and able to design, supply and install, commission such systems as we also have a good mechanical background and understanding, something that is uncommon within the fire industry.

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